High Vibe protocol


Advanced TRS is a nano-enhanced heavy metal chelator which has been bound to a water molecule to painlessly and effortlessly get across the blood brain barrier and other hard to reach places to safely and gently detoxify everything from heavy metals to pesticides and herbicides.

Microbe Blast

Microbe blast is the equivalent of "liquid edible soap" that helps cleanse candida and other pathogenic microbes while cleaning up the digestive tract and lymph system in an extraordinary and unique way. 

Black Walnut


Black Walnut Oil is one of the most amazing and gentle parasite cleanses on the planet.  Those looking for a good way to get those nasty critters out - you found it.


Illumodine is a mono-atomic scalar waved emotionally charged iodine.  Unlike other iodines, Illumodine is an iodine singlet and not bound to potassium or other elements.  Being free bound singlets and monoatomic in size, there is no other iodine in the world that is more absorbable.

cbd Oil

With THC free options CBD BioCare is a wonderful source for CBD Oils.

CBD helps to lower stress, support the immune system, reduce emotional sensitivities and anxiousness, helps to lower pain, and much much more.


ProBio is not only an extremely effective probiotic to help replenish friendly bacteria in the digestive tract - but it's also DIRT cheap so you won't go broke fixing your microbiota.

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